Revenue intelligence for
sales leadership

Gain visibility into your entire pipeline in real time and see what is and isn’t working. Track
pipeline progress and major deals with ease. Control your team’s sales process
execution, and forecast with razor-sharp precision.

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I can finally see what’s happening with our pipeline without interrogating my sales directors or spending hours diving into every detail in Salesforce.
With Revenue Grid, I know for sure the real state of major deals in the pipeline, and I see how much progress the team has made toward the quota, all in real time, all in the most visual and easy to manage way.

Michael S., CEO

Lead your team to more wins with confidence

Analyze your pipeline and deals in real time

Easily track changes and shifts in your pipeline. Determine the underlying reasons. Understand the actual state of every deal and gain insights about what works and what doesn’t.

  • See which deals are on track, at risk, or stalling
  • Track changes and shifts in your pipeline in real time
  • Understand the reasons behind the shifts in deals


Use Signals to control your sales execution

Help your team execute the correct sales processes and follow the right playbooks via contextual and actionable Signals that nudge them to take the next best step in every circumstance.

  • Create Signals to correctly steer your sales execution
  • Nudge your team to act at the right time
  • Gain more control over your team’s performance

Enhance your team’s coaching based on insights

Get a full picture of your team’s performance. See what your best sellers focus on, see which reps are struggling, and tailor your team’s coaching based on those insights.

  • See each team member’s activities and hours spent on tasks
  • See which reps are struggling and in what aspects
  • Improve coaching based on data-driven insights

Improve forecasting accuracy with data-driven insights

Gain real-time insights that improve your annual, quarterly, and monthly forecasts with razor-sharp precision. Know what’s coming down your pipeline based on accurate data.

  • See the status of major opportunities in real time
  • Spot which opportunities need to be prioritized
  • Generate accurate forecasts you can trust

Close more deals and
lead your team to the win

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