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to drive predictable growth

Get a 360-degree view of your pipeline, deals, and team’s activities. See the actual state
of the forecasted pipeline for each rep. See what sets your top-performing
reps apart and what activities take up most of their time.

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The biggest challenge of any pipeline review is the truth finding: you need to understand where each deal stands to understand where the quota stands. Not anymore. Since we started using Revenue Grid, I see why shifts and changes occured, where we’re moving, what my team does to salvage the situation. It has been incremental in helping our team shorten sales cycles and actually start growing.

Kevin O., Director of Sales

Close more deals with less hassle

See all your pipeline updates in seconds

Gain total visibility into your entire pipeline in seconds. See which deals are progressing, stalling, or at risk as well as the reasons why.

  • Get a clear picture of your pipeline health in seconds
  • Spot shifts in your pipeline and see why they happen
  • Quickly spot and act on deals turning red

Visualize the actual state of each rep’s forecasted pipeline

Determine the accuracy of each team member’s forecasted revenue for each deal or their quota. Identify which reps are on track and which ones have deals stalling or at risk.

  • See which reps will meet their sales forecast
  • Quickly spot reps with deals about to go south
  • See which deals in the pipeline are unlikely to close

Use customized Signals alerts to help your team stay focused

Increase your team’s focus on productive activities. Build custom Signals that nudge team members toward the next best steps and accelerate the sales process.

  • Build custom Revenue Signals for each deal or rep
  • Get instant alerts about shifts in your pipeline or deals
  • Assign specific Signals to a team to improve members’ focus


Clone your top performers and scale best practices

Get a complete overview of your team’s performance. See your top performers and what activities they focus on. Scale their best practices across the team.

  • See each rep’s activities and hours spent on tasks
  • See the correlation between activities and results
  • See what’s working and scale it across the team

Confidently boost revenue
and team productivity

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