❍ Viewing Salesforce Records Related to your Email (Classic view)

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The Revenue Inbox Add-In/Chrome Extension analyzes your currently opened email and shows related Salesforce records and activities as cards so that you can quickly navigate to contacts, accounts or opportunities you are interested in.

Cards that show related records display only basic record information. If you want to view detailed information about the record, click the card name. Note that Revenue Inbox supports custom Salesforce layouts - for each object type, you will get the same set and order of fields in your record cards as you get in Salesforce.

When viewing a card, you can select the Show only important fields check box to see only the fields that are required and that are filled with data. When deselected, Revenue Inbox will show all available fields for the record.

In the detailed card view, you can also access custom Salesforce buttons that were added for the record type in Salesforce.

When you add a new record to Salesforce, relevant record fields will be prefilled with the information found in your currently opened email or activity.

You can also associate various activities with related records. These activities can include tasks, events, follow-ups, or calls.