❍ Sharing Calendar Availability (Classic view)

Office 365

Besides suggesting specific meeting time slots to contacts, Revenue Inbox allows sharing your availability periods based on your calendar data with the contacts, for example to negotiate the meeting time convenient for all participants involved or to schedule a series of meetings with different contacts.

This article describes the implementation of this feature in Revenue Inbox Adaptive view. Please navigate to this article if you are using the Adaptive Revenue Inbox interface view. Refer to this article to learn which Revenue Inbox view you are using.

In Classic view the Share calendar availability feature is implemented as the Quick Send Availability shortcut: click the Quick Send Availability shortcut button in MS Outlook and the availability table link will be immediately inserted into the email message.

When the recipients open the link, they can select their preferred time slot; the meeting time they choose is automatically reserved in your calendar. Once a time slot is selected, you will receive a corresponding notification and the list of meeting attendees will be updated.


Please note that by default the share availability links expire 365 days after their creation date. This period can be adjusted on request.