❍ Searching for Existing Salesforce Records and Creating New Records (Classic view)

Office 365

With the Revenue Inbox Add-In, you can search for any existing Salesforce records or create new records of any type that will be associated with an email or activity.

Finding Relevant Information in Salesforce

On its initial opening, the Add-In searches for objects which are referenced by the E-Mail message or event for which it is opened. With the Revenue Inbox Add-in, you can search among the relevant CRM records, such as Contacts, Accounts, opportunities, Leads, and Activities.

To search for existing Salesforce records, do the following:

  1. In the Revenue Inbox Add-In, click on the Search in box in the upper part of the Revenue Inbox sidebar, then enter your search criteria in the box.
  2. Select the type of the record you want to search for from the drop-down list summoned by clicking on Salesforce▾ on the right-hand side from the Search in box. To search for records of all types, select Salesforce. The search results will be shown as record cards.


You can search for objects by parts of the word, but at least 3 characters must be entered in the search field.

Adding New Data to Salesforce

To create a new Salesforce record, do the following:

  • In the Create new… list, select the type of the Salesforce record you want to create.


You can also customize the Add-In to add support for more record types.

  • In the dialog box that appears, fill in the important fields. Note that some fields are already pre-filled with the relevant data from your email message or activity (appointment or meeting). You can also deselect the Show only important fields check box to see all available fields for the record; when selected, Revenue Inbox will show only the fields that are required and that were filled with data.

  • Click Create to save the record to Salesforce. If you want to immediately see this record as a card in Revenue Inbox, click the Revenue Inbox logo to refresh the view.