❍ Managing Support Cases (Classic view)

Office 365

To help you deliver better service, the Revenue Inbox Outlook Add-In/Chrome Extension provides various case management capabilities. Using Revenue Inbox, you can:

  • View support cases that are related to the current email
  • Create support cases in Salesforce for new emails or for related contacts or accounts
  • Edit case details
  • Search for other support cases in Salesforce

In Salesforce, a unique number is assigned to each case. If the case number from your email corresponds to a support case in Salesforce, this case will be automatically shown in the Revenue Inbox Outlook Add-In/Chrome Extension.

Viewing Related Support Cases

When Revenue Inbox detects that the support case with the same number is available in Salesforce, the Add-In/Chrome Extension will automatically show the support case card.

Creating a New Support Case

To create a new support case, do the following:

  1. In the record card with which you want to associate a support case (it can be either a contact or an account), click the ellipsis button and then select New Support Case.

  1. In the Create Case dialog box, fill in the required fields. Note that when you create a case, you can also add attachments from the email (using the Add a File button).

  1. Click Create. Revenue Inbox will create a new support case with a unique case number.

    To see the assigned case number, click the case name in the card and then navigate to the Case Number field.

Editing Support Case Details

To edit the support case, do the following:

  1. In the support case card, click Edit.

    2. To edit the field, click the Pencil icon located next to that field. Note that you cannot edit the case number.

    3. Click Save to save your changes.