❍ How to Share an Email Instantly (Classic view)

Office 365

There is a way to Save this Email instantly in Compose mode (when creating a new item for the sender of the message).

1. Create a new item (Ctrl+N in MS Outlook) or reply to / forward a message.

2. Open the Add-In by clicking the Revenue Inbox icon. Revenue Inbox for Salesforce Sidebar with application data will appear conveniently next to the email message.

3. Click Save this Email.

4. Finally, click the Send button.

Save this Email in Compose mode (New item creation)

  1. After sending this message, navigate to the “Sent Items” folder, find sent Email message in the folder and open the Add-In (in case if it is not pinned – click the Pin icon to pin RI Sidebar in Outlook) to check that the Email was saved.


The steps 1-3 are necessary to Save this email instantly.