Introduction to Revenue Engage

Revenue Engage (RE) is a premium Sales Engagement Platform that includes efficient and immediate integration with Salesforce for carrying out successful campaigns and other activities. It’s a cloud platform intended for automating business communication process that runs in a web browser.

After you log in to your Revenue Engage account, you will see the main Engagement Planner page.

To navigate among different Revenue Engage functions, use icons on the left-hand side of the interface:

Engagement Planner - used to handle sent and received emails via Revenue Engage, as well as their associated To-dos. It consists of 3 tabs: Replies, Notifications, and To-dos.

Sequences - used to manage campaign sequences.

People - as a major pool of prospects, is used to manage Salesforce Leads and Contacts involved in your campaigns.

Templates - used to manage email templates for your email sequences. Here you create and store emails which later can use for your reach outs, as well as share templates with colleagues.

Settings - used to set up essential parameters applied to your profile, campaigns, collaboration rules with colleagues.