What is revenue intelligence?

Revenue Intelligence enables sales and revenue teams to identify and eliminate revenue leaks, accelerate sales cycles, and provide better visibility of pipeline performance using contextual real-time guidance​ and intelligence

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How revenue intelligence works?

Every pipeline has some degree of revenue leaks, with many losing a significant part of their revenue due to gaps in their process. This is where revenue intelligence comes to the rescue: it collects your data to get a full picture of what is going on, detects gaps and signals your team where the leak is and what to do about it.


Capture sales activities




Find barriers to revenue




Stop revenue leaks


Gain 360-degree pipeline visibility

Gain complete real-time visibility into every deal in your pipeline

  • Check pipeline health and key metrics in a matter of seconds
  • Get alerts on changes in deal sizes, close dates, and scores
  • Access complete data from your sales technology stack
24% boost in revenue​

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Get more accurate sales forecasting

Uncover risks in the pipeline and make your actual and forecasted revenue finally match up

  • Submit and adjust individual and team forecasts for future period
  • Track changes to the forecast during selected period
  • Receive Revenue Signals about changes in the forecast in real time
22% more accurate forecasting

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Help your revenue teams do their best

See at a glance what actions reps take in each deal and what outcomes they bring

  • Set a unified sales approach across the whole organization
  • Automate playbooks and best sales practices
  • Coach based on specific data and most effective steps
24% boost in revenue

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Improve your sales process with Revenue Signals

Transform your sales data into action with contextual signals that guide reps to more wins

  • Gain more controllability over the sales process
  • Auto-alert your team to deals at risk or silent deals
  • Get contextual actionable insights from your sales data
21% faster to a closed won

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How revenue intelligence software impacts your sales and revenue?

Once revenue intelligence software fixes revenue leaks in your pipeline, the whole system
from the botton line to the team performance will be improved. The positive impact on
sales and revenue of the organization will go beyond expectations.


Improved conversion rate

Revenue Grid revenue intelligence software improves various revenue-centric metrics, like conversion rate per stage and deal velocity.


Improved productivity

When revenue intelligence software detects the revenue leaks within the pipeline Sales Managers can proactively update sales playbooks and coach reps digitally to improve team performance at scale.


Reduced GTM costs

CRM activity capture of all-the-relevant customer data and AI-powered insights brought by the revenue intelligence software on the basis of this data raise business efficiency.


Increased playbook adoption

Revenue intelligence software brings a clear view of the sales team performance and allows Sales Ops teams to make playbooks adjustments for the situation at hand.

Why teams choose Revenue Grid as their revenue intelligence software?

Revenue Grid revenue intelligence software helps sales teams fix revenue leakage,
improve conversion rates, and enable growth


Frequently asked question about Revenue Grid
revenue intelligence platform

Revenue Grid will work together with your team to develop a plan that will ensure smooth deployment and the best possible experience working with Revenue Grid’s platform.​

Step 1 – Join

You create an account at Revenue Grid

Step 2 – Connect

Complete a 3-click integration with Salesforce or other CRM your team uses

Step 3 – Use

Start exploring the revenue intelligence capabilities within the platform.

Step 4 – Customize

Revenue Grid team configures and customizes the product according to your requirements​

Revenue Grid has flexible packages & pricing for every sales goal. You can explore them in detail at https://revenuegrid.com/pricing/ and place the quote according to your requirements. A free trial of Revenue Grid Revenue Intelligence Platform is also available to test the capabilities of the platform and make the final decision. Schedule a demo call with us to discuss your challenges and to see what can we offer for your business. Revenue Grid can customize the platform, products, and deployment to meet any of your requirements.