Is Revenue Grid the #1 alternative to Cirrus Insight?

Explore Revenue Grid, the best AI-guided selling platform, trusted by
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Transforming selling for 25,000+ companies

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Why Revenue Grid outperforms Cirrus Insight?

The Smartest Data Capture
  • Create new contacts in Salesforce automatically
  • Multi-match emails to several CRM records
  • Capture and save email attachments to CRM
  • Support the customized Salesforce views
Scheduling that Works
  • Get the full picture of the team’s meetings
  • Guarantee two-way sync between Salesforce & Outlook
  • Synchronize recurring events and meetings
  • Receive automatic reminders for scheduled events
First-in-class Guided Selling
  • Control your sales process and shape Signals to fit it
  • Provide reps with the best next actions on the deal
  • Build Signals on all data from business-related tools
  • Automate reminders for playbooks implementation

What is Cirrus Insight?

Cirrus Insight brings Salesforce right into the inbox and helps sales reps save their time and be more productive.

250,000 professionals use this tool for email tracking, creating personalized email templates, sending email drip campaigns, setting follow-up reminders, and booking several times more meetings with their customers.

Cirrus Insight pricing

Cirrus pricing starts at $27.00 per month, per user.
The platform has a free trial.

Cirrus Insight: pros and cons


  • Pipeline visibility
  • Analysis of sales productivity
  • Good tracking of emails and meetings
  • Sync with Salesforce and create follow-up tasks
  • User-firendly interface


  • Non-customized templates for emails
  • Not reliable in connecting Salesforce contacts
  • Sync fails due to Google token refreshes
  • Chrome add-on conflicts with other add-ons
  • Inability to log inbound emails to Salesforce

Revenue Grid goes far beyond your Inbox

Pipeline Management

Get the absolute visibility to your pipeline at every point in time

  • See the state of each deal and determine the next steps on it
  • Get Signals on the unexpected changes within the pipeline
  • Understand the reasons behind stalled opportunities
  • Inspect each sales metric and schedule the next steps to move long the pipeline

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Revenue Signals

Take the best action based on AI and your proven strategies

  • Auto-save all touchpoints to Salesforce
  • Define correlations between activity and success rates
  • Get automated nudges and alerts for next best action
  • Automate playbook execution at scale

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Conversational Intelligence

Get insights from your Zoom meetings with customers or partners

  • Find recordings easily with search and filters
  • Select a recording to watch or access Conversational Intelligence
  • View transcripts, keywords, topics, and action items
  • Create Signals based on topics or keywords

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