We are rebranding:
the new name and look coming April 2020

Our product family got a larger scale, a wider product line
and more opportunities for your growth.

Inside the changes

See what changed, what remained the same and how all
that impacts you and your daily work.


Our corporate name changed from Invisible.io to Revenue Grid. The change represents the value that we strive to give to our customers.



As Revenue Grid, we equip you with everything you need to drive revenue and customer engagement, in one place. We remain customer-focused and team-centric.


SmartCloud Connect evolved into Revenue Inbox. We’ve expanded the capabilities of the product and refreshed the look and feel of it.



Still the #1 solution for integrating Salesforce with Outlook and Gmail that actually works. Your logins, sync, data capture and the rest will run without change.

Meet the 3 essential grids

New offering to cover your full sales cycle



Salesforce and Email & Calendar integration that actually works.


Multichannel sequences that automate outreach and engagement.


Guided selling suite that sets teams on the fastest way to revenue.

Sales Engagement Platform

The only all-in-one platform that will activate
AI, CRM, and all communication channels

From getting the first touch to nurturing to closing and upselling,
stay focused throughout the full sales cycle and go for it.



Sync real-time data from all
your communication channels

  • Capture all customer interactions automatically
  • Create Leads and Contacts automatically
  • Sync your Calendars so they actually work
33% more data in Salesforce


Automate engagement and get
more meetings and replies

  • Reach out at the right time
  • Build better relationships with prospects
  • Land all touchpoints in Salesforce automatically
24% higher reply rate




Activate your Salesforce data
and turn insights into actions

  • Get your pipeline to grow
  • Know how to prioritize your deals
  • Focus on the opps that will close
21% faster revenue