How to drive sales operations and ROI

In a world where industries are constantly challenged by change, sticking to the same old sales methods will
lead you down a dead-end street. Listen in as sales experts from leading companies share their approach
of using innovation and value to grow success.

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Steven Wright

Vendor Neutral


Erik Charles



Neil Ringers

Revenue Grid


Mike Simmons

Catalyst Sale

What you’ll learn in the webinar

  • Digitalization optimizes sales

    How can technology use data to optimize the work of sales reps and increase their performance?

  • The nature of value-based selling

    What is value-based selling and how can you quantify and provide value to prospects?

  • How to increase margins

    How can you create a gross margin strategy that targets your highest-valued customers?

  • Ways to grow ROI

    How do you grow ROI in customer segments, channels, and individual industries?

  • What determines customers’ lifetime value

    What is customer lifetime value and how does innovation contribute to its growth?

Grow ROI with innovation and value

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    Duration – 1 hour

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