How to digitalize deal coaching
with Guided Selling

A verbal approach to coaching could never boast of high efficiency. With sales teams working remotely, it fails sales leaders more than ever. In this webinar, researchers from Forrester and TOPO examine how digital coaching handles three common challenges for Sales Leaders

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Seth Marrs

Research Director, Forrester


Dan Gottlieb

Senior Analyst, TOPO


Justin Michael

Founder, The Salesborgs


Vlad Voskresensky

CEO & Co-Founder, RevenueGrid

What’s wrong with verbal coaching

Pipeline in the dark

Sales reps will always prioritize closing deals over entering
data into CRM. As a result:

  • Sales Leaders lack the data to understand individual deals
  • Sales reps are repeatedly interrogated to provide clarity
  • Leaders can’t get a feel for the overall state of their pipeline

Misplaced priorities

Verbal coaching falls short to explain which actions should
be carried out at each moment.

  • Sales reps are at a loss when it comes to making timely decisions
  • Leaders can’t ensure critical steps are made in decisive moments
  • Teams don’t know if the chosen strategy is the correct one

Training goes down the drain

Verbal training doesn’t stick, especially if there’s no formal
coaching process in the organization.

  • Sales reps remain dependent on instructions for months
  • Sales Managers need to jump into deals to do damage control
  • Vast amounts of leadership time is wasted on repeated training

Find out how you can solve these issues with one tweak

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