How the Best Sales Managers Turn
Data > Insight > Actions

Sales data alone is not enough to make an impact on the amount of revenue you generate. Sales managers also need ready-made insights and an action plan on how they’ll use data to close deals. In this webinar, experts discuss how the best sales managers turn data into insights and actions.

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Mary Shea

Principal Analyst,
Forrester Research


Kevin Dorsey

VP of Inside Sales,


GaL Steinberg

VP Partnership & Strategic
Alliances, Revenue Grid


Katie Ray

Community Engagement
Manager, Sales Hacker

How to close more deals with data insights?

Why not all sales data created equal

  • Metrics that drive sales activity
  • Whether manager skills are critical for gaining insights
  • How AI-guided selling can help

How to translate data into insights

  • Where companies stand on guided selling
  • How AI-driven sales turn data into insights
  • What change sin sales metrics you can expect

How to use data to close more

  • Why data-driven coaching is crucial in sales
  • How coaching improves sales performance
  • How to improve retention with guided selling

Manage your pipeline using data and insights

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    Duration – 1 hour

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