How to build sales team’s adaptability
beyond the playbook

Out-of-date verbal coaching contributes very little to the sales team’s success, while playbooks have lost power in the age of change. So how do you coach adaptability to grow revenue? Tune in to the webinar to hear experts from Forrester and Sales Hacker discuss the optimal coaching approach with guided selling.

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Mary Shea

Principal Analyst,
Forrester Research


Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships,
Sales Hacker


Justin Michael

Founder, The Salesborgs


Vlad Voskresensky

CEO & Co-Founder, RevenueGrid

How to enhance coaching with data

What is Guided Selling?

And what does it have in common with Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. from the Avengers?

  • Is it a technology or methodology?
  • Do you need AI for guided selling?
  • What problems does it solve?

What is context-based coaching?

How does it drive results and what does it have to do with a crashing plane?

  • Why hasn’t coaching changed?
  • How will technology help coach?
  • Problems with coaching during pipeline reviews

What’s next in sales technology?

And what are the tendencies that will affect the sales processes?

  • Why are marketing and sales processes merging?
  • Where do companies stand on guided selling?
  • Speakers’ three biggest sales trends in 2021

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