How Camping World has shortened sales cycles using Revenue Grid

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If your sales team wastes hours on solving miscommunication issues, Revenue Grid is a must. It’ll get your team back to the high-ROI work.

John Lay, VP of IT



Camping World is the US’s largest retailer of RVs and campers. It has a consignment program with 160+ dealers acting as its agents on a national level. As the dealer network expanded, sales management needed a way to gain full visibility and transparency across the network.

That’s when Camping World discovered a problem. Customers frequently communicated with multiple dealers at once, but their records weren’t being saved to Salesforce correctly for separate dealers.

Camping World needed a solution that could bring alignment to the sales team and help cut down long sales cycles.

Inaccurate mapping between dealers and customers

Regional Managers at Camping World needed to be able to see customer data across all dealerships, but it was important that individual dealers not have access to each other’s records.

As it was, parallel records were being created, and Salesforce was incorrectly merging customer data from multiple dealers to the same record or saving data from dealers’ interactions to the wrong record. This mix up was allowing some dealers to see when others had contacted one of their customers.

Camping World’s number one requirement was to map a specific dealer to each customer right when they filled out a registration form. Records with mixed data from multiple dealers had to be eliminated.

Sales team misalignment

Coordinated communication across the dealer’s sales team was a top priority for Camping World. Unfortunately, there was a recurring problem of miscommunication between Sales Managers and reps.

Sales Managers would contact a customer directly, but their sales reps would have no idea about these parallel conversations, causing customers to receive contradicting messages at critical points of the sales cycle.

Longer sales cycles

Sales Managers didn’t have full visibility of their pipelines and could not guide sales reps in the right direction to win their deals. As a result, sales reps were spending longer than they could have closing deals, which had a negative impact on Camping World’s revenue.

We were looking for software that would help bring alignment to the sales team and structure to Salesforce records

I was impressed by how easy it was to get started with the product.

It was the smoothest and quickest integration in our history



The full cycle of product implementation was completed in record time. Setting everything up was easy and customer support gave the team a complete walkthrough of the functionality.

Customized mapping of customer records

Revenue Grid set up mapping between specific customers and dealers so no data was mixed. Sales reps sent their first email to each customer through Salesforce and the correct mapping was created right then.

Thanks to Revenue Grid, regional managers gained access to all CRM records for each customer, while reps only had access to their own.

When sales managers interacted with a customer directly, only the related sales rep would receive notifications about the interaction. Dealers were no longer able to access records from other teams.

Deployment flexibility

To meet Camping World requirements, Revenue Grid’s development team deployed the product as a separate instance on a virtual server.

This isolation allowed Revenue Grid to remain separate from the company’s other software, guaranteeing maximum security of customer data.

Meeting the needs of diverse teams

At the moment, Revenue Grid is meeting the needs of other Camping World departments, satisfying their data integration scenarios.

Revenue Grid supports the creation of new customer objects and automatic data synchronization across them. The functionality does not require custom development and completely follows the Camping World workflow.

Revenue Grid mapped each specific dealer to the proper object, avoiding any duplicates and eliminating chaos within Salesforce



Camping World’s sales teams have seen major improvements to productivity since integration with Revenue Grid. Better team alignment has improved negotiations between customers and dealers.

With Revenue Grid, Sales Managers were automatically added to every conversation between their sales reps and customers. Thanks to this approach, they could see gaps in the sales process, coach sales reps, or negotiate with customers directly while keeping sales reps in the loop.

Revenue Grid helped us to regain certainty in our team’s ability to win deals

  • 740
    Active users per month
  • 15+
    Hours saved per week
  • 250 000+
    Emails auto-captured per month

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